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What are +Acumen Catalysts?

Catalysts are volunteers who support students in +Acumen's free online courses. Catalysts share feedback on assignments, help students figure out the course schedule and platform, and encourage students when they're feeling stuck. Additionally, Catalysts share suggestions with the +Acumen team to improve the learner experience.


Catalysts must complete a 2-hour online training. They are expected to volunteer about 3 hours/week during their assigned course.

To succeed in this role, you should be comfortable working independently without oversight. Our most effective volunteers are self-motivated and enjoy helping others grow.

Next Steps

We receive a large number of applications. If you have strong experience and there is an opening, we will follow up with more instructions about 2–4 weeks before the course begins. Thank you for applying!

Please enter the same email address you use to register for your courses.

See the start dates of upcoming courses at www.plusacumen.org/courses.

Catalyst Training

After you submit this application, you will receive an access code and a link to the +Acumen Catalyst online training.

To be considered for this volunteer position, you should log in and review at least one section of the online training (5–10 minutes). If you are selected to become a Catalyst, you can complete the training before your course begins.